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What with a lack of internet access and a lot of moving about, we’re a little behind our posting times lately, so this post takes us back to Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, we couldn’t quite make up our minds about what to do: stay in Tofino or drive, eventually to Victoria. Once we got up and moving, we opted to drive because once again the weather wasn’t favourable. Am I sounding just a bit like a broken record? In fact, as we began our drive it was pouring, which caused us to exercise caution on a road that was extremely winding and constantly changing its elevation. But, with low clouds drifting along the mountain sides, it was very beautiful in its own way, which the next photo may partially capture.

Day 16

After perhaps almost two hours we began to drive through Cathedral Grove, just west of Port Alberni. There, the trees have been living for three hundred years or even longer.

Day 16

We stopped and took a short walk (in the rain) through the grove, and I posed with this tree, the largest in the area. They know that it’s at least three hundred years old, but it could be even older. In other words, it was here before Captain Cook chanced by and about a hundred years before Simon Fraser crossed over from the east.

Day 16

And I do like the look of these trees and the mood they create.

Day 16

After about six and a half hours of driving, we eventually made it to Victoria, but we’ll leave that for another post.


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