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Wednesday dawned cool and cloudy so we canceled plans to walk to Sun Yat Sen Gardens and decided to do a car trip instead. We noticed signs for a scenic drive on our way to Squamish the other day, so we went back to give it a whirl.

This was our first stop on the way to Cypress Bowl Ski Area. From this point we are looking back at Vancouver. The dark green area in the middle of the pic is Stanley Park.

Day 8

This is another picture taken from the same spot only zoomed in on Stanley Park and the Lion’s Gate Bridge to the left of it. This bridge takes us from Vancouver to North Vancouver. English Bay can be seen on the right.

Day 8

We continued on up the road to this ski area. Not much happening there this time of year, but they are busy getting ready for the winter Olympics to be held here in 2010. Snowboarding and free style skiing events are planned for this spot.

Day 8

This is a pic of the road up the mountain. We were quite amazed to see two people luging down this road in the middle of car traffic. AC and I had fits when we saw the first one zipping down the road on his little sled in front of us. I tried to get a picture but they went by too fast.

Day 8

After our trip up the mountain, we stopped by the water in North Vancouver and relaxed with a coffee there.

Day 8

These are the same ships we see from our park bench by the girl’s apt building in English Bay.

Day 7

We came back across the Lion’s Gate Bridge and were quite pleased to be greeted by this beautiful music at Prospect Point look-out in Stanley Park.

YouTube Violinist



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